Yellow Opal 96 COE Powder Glass Wafer Sheet

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Product information

Yellow Opal 96 COE Powder Glass Wafer Sheet

Pre made Yellow  Opal Wafer Sheet of fusible powder glass. Perfect to cut out Floral, Sunshine, or any bright and sunny decorative element! Sized at 6 x 6 inches it is a great for making large or smaller Glass Accessory Elements.  Cut into strips to creating a boarder to accent any design.  Use over a clear or plain white piece of glass to really pop the yellow color.!  Wafer Sheets are 96 COE compatible, made from Oceanside Compatible Powder Frit.  The wafer is made in bright yellow opal glass powder. It is ultra-light Glass Wafer so it barely adds weight or thickness to your design.  It will kiln fire smooth and can be cut with scissors to fit any design. 

Quantity: 1 Precut Glass Sheet of Yellow Opal

Spectrum Glass Colors:

COE 96 Marigold Opal Powder 260-72S-F

Wafer Sheet Dimensions:  6 H x 6 inches W (15.24 cm x 15.24 cm)

Glass Manufacturer: Spectrum Glass Frit Powders by Oceanside Compatible

Glass Thickness: 1mm

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(Includes Kiln Firing Schedule for Glass Wafers)

Accessory Glass Precut Wafer Sheet: Made in the USA