White Opal 96 COE Powder Glass Wafer Sheet

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Product information

White Opal 96 COE Powder Glass Wafer Sheet

Pre-made White Opal Wafer Sheet of fusible powder glass. White is perfect to use as a base color or to cut out any decorative element! Sized 6 x 6 inches it is a great size for making smaller Glass Accessory Elements or creating a boarder to embellish any design.  Use as a base and then fire a 2nd color or design over it!  Wafer Sheets are 96 Coe compatible. The wafer is made in White opal glass powder. It is ultra-light Glass Wafer so it barely adds weight to your design.  It will kiln fire smooth and can be cut with scissors to fit any design. 

Quantity: 1 Precut Glass Wafer Sheet in White Opal Powder

Spectrum Glass Colors:

COE 96 White Opal Powder F1-200-F

Wafer Sheet Dimensions:  6 H x 6 inches W (15.24 cm x 15.24 cm)

Glass Manufacturer: Spectrum Glass Frit Powders by Oceanside Compatible

Glass Thickness: 1mm

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(Includes Kiln Firing Schedule for Glass Wafers)

Accessory Glass Precut Wafer Sheet: Made in the USA