Western Decal Ceramic Water Slide Fused Glass

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Western decal is a ceramic water slide for fused glass or ceramic art. contains 10 cowboy Boots! SKU 33697

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Western Decal Ceramic Water Slide Fused Glass: Western Cowboy Boots

There are two styles of cowboy boots, western classic and roper. This fused glass decal contain the classic style. Each western boot design is full color and is distinguished by a tall boot shaft, reaching the mid-calf and has an angled "cowboy" heel over one inch high.

Quantity: There are 5 Unique Western Boot Designs in a waterslide decal:

- Small: 1 inch (Set of 2 each design)
- Large: 2 inch (Qty 1 of each design)

Kiln Firing Specifications:

- LOW to Hi Fire from 1,325° to 1,445° F
- Waterslide Decal for Fused Glass, Ceramics or Metal Enameling
- Best Kiln Fired as a surface decal
Note: Not recommend to fire between glass layers

Be Creative and use Western Cowboy Boot Decal as a Ceramic Water Slide or Fused Glass project!