Valentine Confetti Glass Multi-Mix Shards on Red COE96

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Valentine Confetti Glass Multi-Mix Shards on Red COE96, all opalescent glass colors: Red, Pink and Purple

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Valentine Confetti Glass Multi-Mix Shards on Red COE96 decorative accessory glass!

The purple veining on the Opalescent Red in the Multi-Mix Valentine Confetti glass shards is amazing! If you love Confetti Glass then you will love this blend of Pink, Purple and Deep Red opals! you could not ask for a better representation for Valentine's Day! We  have mixed 3 Hot Glass colors all in opalescent on a Christmas Red Base! Did you know confetti glass melts super fast when fired in the kiln at even under a 1,000 F? Consider using it as a color wrap, place a piece over a clear heart do a quick fire to melt over the precut transparent heart and Wah La! you have the most stunning Red heart and the light will come in from behind. This technique is a super easy and fast way to create a custom glass heart pendant and the precut will hold it shape because of the low temperature!  Don't worry if ad edge sticks out, just sand it lightly or use a grosser to knock it off!

Let us know if you have a favorite glass color combination!


  • Size:
    1 oz. (28.35 gram) Bag
  • Manufacturer: Coloritz™, A Sanborn Corporation
  • Color: Multi-Mix colors Pink, Purple and a dash of White over Red base
  • MPN: 96-32
  • Category: Multiple Colors
  • Opacity: Opalescent glass
  • Classification: COE 96 Compatible Tested

Think Vibrant Valentine Colors and try this color mix never seen before in Confetti Glass Shards!