Toyo Acrylic Professional Cutter Clear Pencil Style TC-10

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Top view of Toyo Acrylic Professional Cutter Clear Pencil Style TC-10

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Toyo Acrylic Professional Cutter Clear Pencil Style TC-10 Self-Oiling Glass Cutting Tool

This is a Pencil Style that is a light weight glass cutting tool just like the Toyo Comfort grip, except the barrel of the handle is not tapered. The handle is 1/2 inch in diameter and has indentations in the designed at approximately 1/2 inch distances to keep your grip from slipping. The clear acrylic handle lets you see the amount of cutting oil in the barrel.  The cutting oil will automatically feed thru the glass cutter tip.  It comes with a Toyo TC-10 Cutting blade which is the most versatile long lasting carbide tip to ensure even scoring for glass 2 to 8 mm thick.  Because it is a Toyo you can also change the cutting blade to use TC 17, TC 30 or TC 90 cutting blades.

  • Video: Link under photo
    - How to hold and use a Glass Cutter
    - Toyo TAP Technology
  • Color: The color of the cutter barrel is clear
  • Wheel size: 1/8 inch
  • Wheel angle: 135 degrees
  • Durability: Super Cutters are known for outlasting other cutters by up to 25 times
  • Self-oiling: A free rolling wheel give you a consistent score line
  • Size: Smaller, lightweight handle makes cutter easy to hold
  • Application: Perfect for cutting stained glass, cutting glass strips, cutting mosaics and more!

Glass Cutting Tools and the Toyo brand create harmony with all of the Acrylic Pencil Style glass cutters