Stencil Fall Leaves Pattern Powder Specialty Sheet Glass COE96

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Size: 12" x 12" Clear

Stencil Fall Leaves Pattern Powder Specialty Sheet Glass COE96

12" x 12" Clear
12" x 12" White
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Stencil Fall Leaves Pattern Powder Specialty Glass COE96, SKU 96-Fall-Leaves-Pattern
Size: 12" x 12" Clear

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Stencil Fall Leaves Pattern Powder Specialty Sheet Glass COE96 12 x 12 inches

This is a custom Handmade full coverage specialty sheet glass on a white or clear base COE96 glass. All the fall colors of Reds, Orange, Yellow and a hint of brown are done in Powder Glass Frit at a diagonal. The out line of a variety of fall leaves can be made over clear to see thru or if done on a white base sheet glass it will be opaque white and the colors will be much more vibrant.  Each Specialty Sheet Glass is a precut square shape and the color pattern is unique with a pattern of leaves over the entire piece.  If you select clear, it is on Ice Clear and you can fire it over any base glass color or clear.

The Fall leaves will be in a wide array of autumn colors and each sheet will be unique with colors variations from sheet to sheet. 

While leaves in general symbolize life to death, the fall leaves are vibrant and the crisp air reinvigorates the spirit in us before the melancholy of winter sets in. Fall leaves is a fantastic way to brighten up a holiday table setting and the 12 x 12 inch size is perfect for creating fused glass charge plates or bowls for a center pieces.

Once you select the glass base, we do all the work and we shipped to you. Use it as is or add your own glass embellishments, a layer of clear frit or clear glass or place it on top of another base glass and fire in your kiln.

  • Glass Manufacture: Oceanside Compatible Sheet Glass 96 COE System 96 glass and components.
  • Part #: 96-Fall-Leaves-Pattern
  • Base Glass Color: Clear or White Opal
  • Powder Frit Color: Yellow, Orange, Red, Ambers, Brown or maybe even a hint of green
  • Category: Specialty Glass
  • Texture: Powder will have a Texture will flatten at a slump or full fuse, back is smooth
  • Opacity: Opalescence to Opaque
  • Classification: System 96® by Oceanside
  • Precut Sheet Glass Base:
    12 inches x 12 inches (304.6mm x 304mm)
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Made in USA
  • Kiln Fired to a Tack Fuse and ready for additional firing up to a Full Fuse