Slumping Mold - Round Deviled Egg Platter Dish

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Product information

Slumping Mold - Round Deviled Egg Platter Dish

The warm glass Round Egg design makes creating a dish or platter for your deviled eggs easier because you only need to start with an 12 inch circle of base glass! With 12 Egg Cups it is a great size to serve with any meal!

Start with a 12 x 12 Sheet of base glass or a precut glass circle of 12 inches.  To create a pattern to make your own glass start by flipping the mold over onto your glass and trace it on with a felt tip marker pen. Cut into the curve until just before the corner, flare out the cut to the outer edge of the glass, continue your cut or use a circle cutter and then flare out to the edges as separate cuts. Then using a breaker at each flare to remove the excess glass.  Finally add all of your decorate glass accessories and then full fuse. You want the design to be about 4 to 5 mm thick glass, more than a standard 3 mm, as it will be handled a lot by guests and you want it more durable. 

Finally, after it is at least tack fusing the pieces together, perform a slump fuse it into the mold.

Go Fusing and create a functional Heart Platter Dish Today!

>Ceramic Mold Dimensions:

11.5" x 0.75" Deep (3.81 cm x 1.9 cm)


  1. We suggest elevating your mold at least a 1/2 inch off of the shelf for even heat distribution.
  2. Smooth the mold surface with fine sandpaper so it accepts kiln wash uniformly.