Craft Metal Copper Sheet .005 inch 28 Gauge Fusible 6 by 6 inch

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Product information

Craft Metal Copper Sheet .005 inch 28 Gauge, 36 AWG, Fusible 6 by 6 inch

Thin Craft Copper Metal is fusible between fused glass layers. It is perfect for Jewelry Making too! Dead Soft copper sheets are pliable and can be incised, draped, and pleated for use as overlays and embossed designs.

Copper Sheet:  .005 inches, .127 mm, 28 Gauge, 36 AWG Gauge
Dimensions: 6 x 6-inch square (152.39 mm square)
Use: Emboss using a stylus or cut with standard scissors
Hardness:  Dead Soft

Made in the USA

Recommended Reading: Learn How to Fused Metal Inclusions into Glass and fuse between two layers of glass. (Also see our Fused Glass Metal Inclusion shapes).  

Craft or Jewelry Making Supplies should always include a Dead Soft Copper Sheet .005 inch 28 Gauge!