Seasonal Slumping Mold - Chanukah Dreidel Dish

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Product information

Seasonal Slumping Mold - Chanukah Dreidel Dish

A ceramic mold for fusing a Dreidel Dish for Chanukah, what a great idea for a glass creation! Use the indented areas to add your creative spin, pun intended, to make this a personal and individualized gift. There are are plenty of glass accessory items like noodles and stringers to even painting the appropriate letters on the Dreidel Dish.  Don't let another Chanukah go by without making this dish.

Before you fill the mold try turning your mold over and tracing it onto your glass or a sheet of paper to use as pattern. 

Snowy Christmas Tree Dish Mold Dimensions:

10.5" x 9.75" x 0.50" Deep (26.6 x 24.76 x 1.27 cm)


  1. We suggest elevating your mold at least a 1/2 inch off of the shelf for even heat distribution.
  2. Smooth the mold surface with fine sandpaper so it accepts kiln wash uniformly.

TIP: When using to fire glass directly onto kiln shelf then we recommend the addition of use shelf paper on top of a primed kiln shelf like: 

Bullseye Thin Fire or Spectrum's Papyr0s 

Try Primo Primer #41515 and applying it with a Haik Brush # 41601 
And using Ceramic Mold Cleaning Brush #41600 to remove spent primer after you are done firing.