Red White Opal Semi-Translucent Glass COE96

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Size: 6" x 6"

Red White Opal Semi-Translucent Glass COE96

6" x 6"
6" x 12"
12" x 12"
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Product information

Red White Opal Semi-Translucent Glass COE96 System 96 Oceanside Compatible

Red White Opal COE 96 Sheet Glass provides drama as a fusible sheet glass or used as a stained glass! There is more Red and white opal mixed into each sheet so you allow light to shine thru making it glow! In the fall is it can be the perfect blend of Hot glass colors or even used in you holiday designs and valentine's day will never be the same again!  All though this is a fusible sheet glass, it most certainly can be used for any stained glass pattern where you need to make an impact! Each sheet is a unique blend and no two are alike.. There is more transparent red in most of the sheet to produce that semi-translucent.

If you want to make a fused piece that make a statement, go no further!

  • Glass Manufacture: Oceanside Glasstile
  • Part #: 357-1S-F
  • Color: Red White
  • Category: Semi-transparent
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Opacity: Transparent with an Opal Blend
  • Classification: System 96®
  • Precut Glass Sizes:
    6 inches x 6 inches (152.4mm x 152.4mm)
    6 inches x 12 inches (101.6mm x 203.2mm)
    12 inches (101.6mm x 203.2mm) x  12 inches (101.6mm x 203.2mm)
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Made in Mexico


This is semi-transparent red blend COE 96 Sheet Glass is perfect for the Fall, Christmas and Valentine's Day designs!