Puzzle Piece Decal Fused Glass or Ceramic Waterslide

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Product information

Puzzle Piece Decal for Fused Glass or used as Ceramic Waterslide fusible decal.

Create your own Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece design by selectively cutting out each puzzle piece! You have a rainbow of colors to choose from all in a hi-fire enamel color. Each puzzle piece is a 1-inch by 3/4" rectangle. Apply this waterslide decal as a whole for larger kiln-fired glass or ceramics or use it as a custom cut, applying each piece as desired to fit almost any design. 
Note: With vibrant colors do not overfire at a full fuse as molten glass will move too much and dilute the colors. 

  • Dimension: 
    - Puzzel Pieces are  3/4 x 1 inch
    - Overall Sheet Decal:  8 1/2 inch x 8 1/2 inch (215.9mm x 215.9mm)
  • Kiln Temperature: Fire at 1,325 to 1,445 °F, 718 to 785 °C
  • Lead Free, Food Safe
    - Lower temperatures usually preserve color intensity
    - Best applied as a surface decal at a tack-fused
  • Applications:
    - Kiln-fired
     Fused Glass or Ceramics
    - Crafting decoupage application
  • Best Practices:
    - Best as a surface application, do not cap with glass or the color may fade
    - Best on white or light opaque colored glass