Outer Space Decal Design Fused Glass Ceramic Waterslide

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Product information

Outer Space Decal Design Fused Glass Ceramic Waterslide

Outer Space Glass Decal contains all of the essential fun elements with a Rocket, Planets, Stars and a Satellite! Everything an Astronaut would want but could be use to design artwork for a baby nursery, a boys bedroom or a playroom!  This decal can only be described as fun! The color range from golden to black to a rust brown with accents in Blue Green and Yellow.  This fusible decal is fantastic for selectively cutting only portions of each design element!

This could be considered a Retro design or even an Atomic Age design which refers to the period corresponding to 1940–1960 and was considered a modern trend.  Retro, futurism is a current resurgence of interest in Atomic Age design. Inspired by the "space age" science, The atomic design concept is simple: designs that can be broken down into parts that create a larger whole.

Design Elements Dimensions: Range from 1/8 to 2 inch (3.75 - 50.8 mm) Diameter (like the rings on the Planet Saturn

Use Fusible for Glass or Ceramics artwork. This decal can be cut out selectively but the overall pattern of flowers and vines lends itself better to an overall pattern or is used as flower clusters in your artwork! 

Tip: These Larger sheets can be used for other forms of arts or crafts such as decoupage.

Overall Dimensions: 8 1/2 inch x 8 1/2 inch (215.9 mm x 215.9 mm)

Hi to Low Fire: Temperatures 1,225 °F -1,450 °F degrees. (Best as a surface fired on a lighter background to preserve colors)