Murrini Sliced Pink Hearts Fusible COE96

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Murrini Millefiori Sliced Pink Hearts Fusible COE96

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Murrini Sliced Pink Hearts Fusible COE96 1 oz

This is a Go Fusing Exclusive in-house product in a Limited Edition. (they are not perfect, we are still perfecting our skills, but kiln firing fixes most imperfections)  So if you like what you see, get it now! Our Murrini is a COE96 System 96 compatible glass. The heart assortment varies with each batch that is made. The Heart Patterns are Pink on White and Pink on Clear.  There is mixed vitrigraph dots intermingled. The internal and external colors as well as dimensions. 

Our Murrini patterns are sliced complex vitrograph designs so each cane being hand pulled varies in dimension and sometimes shading.

Availability: Limited, each batch is unique and will be restocked based upon demand.

  • Size: 1 ounce package = Approximately 35 to 40 pieces
  • Dimensions:
    Thickness: 3 to 4 mm
    Diameter: 3/16-1/2 inches (5 mm to 8 mm)
  • Manufacturer: A Sanborn Corporation
  • Cane: COE 96 color variations
  • Use: Great for Fused Glass, Flame Work, Blown Glass or Mosaic Designs

Go Fusing with our COE96 Fusible Pink Heart Murrini today!