Murrini-Geometric Multi-Color Stripes-Solids Fusible COE96

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Example CIE96 Murrine fulling fused.

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Murrini-Geometric Multi-Color Stripes-Solids Fusible COE96 in a 1.5 oz size.

Our own Go Fusing COE96 Murrini-Geometric, under our Coloritz tm  brand, all though this is a "Limited Release" we will try to keep it in stock more frequently. It is a System 96 Compatible glass formed into circles with a unique twist or should we say stripes! (Most people call it Murrini but the correct spelling is Murrine). There is a wide range of solid colors and base colors with stripes.  A true multi-mix in a rainbow of colors. The center of each design is lined in white enamel and then stuffed full of colorful tiny glass stringer. We do try to color coordinated with the outer color and if not possible make it a pop of color. The outside is coated in a clear to intensify the colors and make each piece of the Murrini color assortment intensify. 

Each geometric piece is a combination of flameworking and fusing, making each piece a piece of art so you can create unique artwork. When fired exposing the sliced side of the murrini centers, the colors will mature to their full color and the outer edges of clear will allow the base glass color to display.  So go crazy with the color of your base glass as its color will show thru and frame each piece of murrini.  When you fire a piece on it side, then that will be the primary color to display making it easy to create your own color coordinated glass pattern.

The dimensions and patterns are a mix of colors and sizes.

We are calling the stripes and solids design a Murrine, the correct spelling, because it is a slice of cane and each cane is a cross-sectional pattern preserved in each slice. Millefiori would be more of a flower design.

  • Availability: Each batch of colors may vary slightly upon restock.
  • Quantity: Approximately 28 pieces
  • Size: 1.5 ounce package , 42 grams
  • Dimensions:
    Thickness: 5 to 8 mm
    Diameter: 1/8-3/8 inches (.5 mm to 1 mm)
  • Manufacturer: A Sanborn Corporation under the Coloritz tm brand
  • Cane: COE 96 color variations
  • Use: Great for Fused Glass, Flame Work, Blown Glass or Mosaic Designs

Go Fusing with our COE96 Murrini-Geometric Triangles COE96 and create unique artwork today!