Mold Repair - Magic Mender by Marx Ceramic

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Mold Repair - Magic Mender by Marx Ceramic.  Repairs Glass Molds, ceramic or Porcelain.  It is a Bisque Fix.

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Mold Repair - Magic Mender by Marx Ceramic, Repairs Glass Molds, Ceramics, and is a Bisque Fix!

Need to know how to repair a Ceramic Mold (Glass fusing Mold) or stoneware? This is Marx product is a real lifesaver when you need to repair a ceramic Mold, a Kiln Shelf, or repair your ceramics and bisque fix needed!  Don't throw out your molds because of hairline cracks or chips.  Magic Mender can repair your ceramic mold's cracks or chips with a little effort and a quick fire in the kiln.

Magic mender to the rescue! To smooth out a kiln shelf, fix a brick in your kiln, and more!  You can even repair almost any ceramic kiln accessory with several thin layers of Magic Mender and then Fire it to a permanent hard surface. 

Detailed instructions are included or download below.

Quick Instructions For Magic Mender:

- Remove any dust or loose particles and save any chips.

-  Spread the pre-mixed Magic Mender with a brush brush it on or use your figure to get into cracks. Add water if necessary. Let dry and apply again if needed to level surfaces or to attach a missing chip.

- For a Glass Mold repair, consider applying it to the backside as well as the front to help provide additional strength
-  Apply layers of the mender until the crack or pieces stick together, then re-fire per the instructions enclosed with the product!

- Can be fired up to Cone 10 (2381 degrees F) but we have successful bonding at a full glass fuse of 1475 to 1700 creating a permanent bond on a glass mold.

  • 4 oz jar
  • Repair your Fiber Board Kilns walls
  • Level out a divot in your kiln shelf 
  • Fill in cracks on molds (suggest you cover inside and out)

This is one product that keeps on giving back and allows you to keep your favorite molds in action longer.

CLICK HERE for more detailed instructions on this fabulous product!

Go Fusing using Magic Mender as your glass mold and kiln's best friend!