Milliefiori 1/2 oz Multi-Color Rainbow Cape Jasmine Floral COE96

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Milliefiori 1/2 oz Multi-Color Rainbow Cape Jasmine Floral COE96 (96454)

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Milliefiori 1/2 oz Multi-Color Rainbow Cape Jasmine Floral COE96

The Cape Jasmine is Milliefiori because it is a floral design. We offer 1/2 oz of the Multi Color, Rainbow, so that you get a variety of this design by Glacial Art Glass!  This  fusible COE96 is a popular System 96 Compatible glass formed into colorful Cape Jasmine Floral. In nature you will find it primarily in white.

Did you know that the Cape Jasmine bark and roots is also considered to have antifungal and antibacterial properties? This small flower with a single petal design is not only an elegant addition to your garden but is also revered for its sweet scent and its medicinal properties! It is said that extracts can be applied to many every day aliments, swellings and can cure jaundice.  

All though many people classify it as a Murrini, it is really a Milliefiori the design based upon a flower, the Cape Jasmine known the "Poor Man's Gardenia" but should not be confused with the Gardenia jasminoides which is a larger evergreen shrub.  

The dimensions and patterns of a mixed colors will vary with each batch all though we try to incorporate as many colors as possible. Colors included may also vary by package may include yellow, pink, white, blue, orange and green.

Blue Cape Jasmine Murrine (6102-96)
Orange Cape Jasmine Murrine (6103-96)
Pink Cape Jasmine Murrine (6101-96)
White Cape Jasmine Murrine (6102-96)
Yellow Cape Jasmine Murrine (6104-96)

Millefiori specifications:

  • Availability: Each batch of colors may vary slightly upon restock.
  • Quantity: Approximately 40 pieces
  • Size: .5 ounce package, 14.17 grams
  • Dimensions:
    Thickness: 2 mm approximately
    Diameter: 1/8-3/8 inches (.5 mm to 1 mm)
  • Manufacturer: Glacial Art Glass
  • Cane: COE 96 color variations: Made from Uroboros, Spectrum, and Oceanside glass and compatible  
  • Use: Great for Fused Glass, Flame Work, Blown Glass or Mosaic Designs

Go Fusing with Cape Jasmine Milliefiori COE96 and create unique artwork or cabochons today!