Millefiori Multi Color Flower Fused Glass Pebbles COE96

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Millefiori Multi Color Flower Fused Glass Pebbles COE96 (96450)

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Millefiori Multi Color  Flower Fused Glass Pebbles COE96 1.5 oz size.

(limited availability) This is Our own Go Fusing Multi-Color COE 96 Compatible Millefiori Flowers fused into a glass pebble form.  1.5 average ounce contains about 15 to 18 Millefiori Pebbles. Ready to use as is or make them the center of your pendant or earring designs!  Each Millefiori pebble varies in internal colors and external dimensions.  There are some smaller and some larger sizes but most range 1/2 to 3/4 inch in diameter. Colors included may also vary by package and include yellow, red, white, black, blue and green. The background is clear glass. Since they are already in fused glass form you know exactly what the colors and design look like.

The Millefiori design is translated Italian meaning a thousand flowers. The creation of Millefiori often produces Millefiori when sliced but the more complex designs comes the glass canes being hand dipped into various pots of colored to colored glass to create scenes.

  • Availability: Always stocked, each batch of colors may vary slightly.
  • Quantity: Approximately 15-18 pieces
  • Size: 1,5 ounce package 
  • Dimensions:
    Thickness: 4 to 7 mm, We slice them thin to provide better variety in each pack
    Diameter: 1/2 to 3/4 inches (8 mm to 19 mm)
  • Manufacturer: A Sanborn Corporation
  • Cane: COE 96 color variations
  • Use: Great for Fused Glass, Flame Work, Blown Glass or Mosaic Designs

You will see many spelling versions: Millefiori, Murrine, Murrhine, Murrina because of the Latin roots and translations from Italian to English.  In general, it is a slice of mosaic cane and each cane is a cross-sectional pattern preserved in each slice. Millefiori is used as an applied decoration or sometimes to make an entire vessel.

Go Fusing with our COE96 Fusible Multi-Color Millefiori Pebbles today!