Mark Stay II Mark Line Preserver

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Product information

Mark Stay II Mark Line Preserver 1 ounce

The new Mark Stay II is creamier than their previous product. It withstands water flows up to 182 gal/min! Simply mark you glass with a marking pen, apply a thin film of Mark Stay II with your finger over it and grind your glass. Mark Stay will keep marks from being washed away while grinding your glass or using a wet saw. Make your glass grinding, sawing and beveling more accurate and faster to complete your art glass projects. 

Fantastic when you need to preserve your mark or line using water as a lubricate with your diamond abrasives and literally will keep your eye on the cutting.

Glass artist , this is a MUST HAVE product in your study for Fusing Glass, Stained Glass, Mosaic work or Beveling.


  • Water Resistant
  • Non-Toxic
  • Cleans up Easily with soap and water or flux cleaner

We give Mark Stay II a 5 star rating to preserver your marks or lines using water