Hair Finding Barrette Clips 2 Pack

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Hair Finding Barrette Clips 2 Pack  top and side view.

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Hair Finding Barrette Clips 2 Pack

Our Barrette clips are Hair Findings, the popular French auto-lock barrette backs. The are fused glass industry standard size of 80 mm long and the glass slumping mold will fit the curved back perfectly. A Great quality constructed of AFNOR XC45 steel which is a strong heavy gauge that also meets EU Nickel Directive. The Spring and back are all made as one part.

Tip: When gluing your glass, we recommend a 2-part epoxy for the longest lasting hold.

Material: Steel, AFNOR XC45
Color: Shiny silver tone
Size: Length 80mm with a 2mm hole
Quantity: 2 per pack
Made in France

Create Fused Glass Hair Barrette Clip for a personalized gift!