Gold: Poppies with Gold Accents Fused Glass Decal

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Gold: Poppies with Gold Accents (Fused Glass Decal) Qty 2

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Gold: Poppies with Gold Accents (Fused Glass Decal) 

Hi Fire Gold Poppies with Gold Shadowing and fine line Gold Accents
(Used as a surface-only kiln-fired glass decal.)

 Dimensions: Qty 2, (1 3/4 inches W x 2 3/4 inch H)
This large decal will allow you to selectively cut out the poppies and make multiple pendant decals. 

Kiln Fired Decal is a Waterslide Glass Decal. Use as a surface-fired decals. (Do not cap with glass or the color may fade.) Kiln fire on dark-colored glass.

HI FIRE: Can be kiln-fired to 1,445 F degrees.