Marigold Glassline Fusing Paint Pen GA27

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Paint Marigold Glassline Fusing Pen GA29

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Opaque Glassline Marigold Yellow paint in a 2 oz squeeze bottle. 

SKU GA29 is Lead free and food safe!
(NOTE: 14 Colors are available or "All" colors in one kit)
(Don't forget the 3 piece metal tip set available: fine, medium & bold)

Glass Compatibility: Float glass, COE 90 & COE 96 fusible glass.

Best Results: Tack fuse individual layers of glass before stacking for a full fuse.  Best when glass is fired to 1500 degrees (may be fired at higher or lower temperatures).

Great for: Fine Pen Lining, Paint Shading, Spray Painting or even mix with glass frit to create custom colors!

Application: In between multiple layers of glass, or on the surface of glass for a complex dimensional look and may be spray painted on to glass by mixing with water.

Glassline Pens Care:  Store with the caps firmly in place and at room temperature. (Note: If Glassline Paint Pens were frozen or exposed to high temperature, try mixing well before use or you may need to add some water to ensure proper consistency.)

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