Lavender Glassline Fusing Paint Pen GA21

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Product information

Lavender Glassline Fusing Paint Pen GA21 comes in a 2 oz squeeze bottle

The Lavender color is a color blend shade of bluish-purple. The color inspiration originates from the color of the leaves of a very aromatic evergreen plant which is part of the mint family.

On the color wheel it pairs well with a pastel pink; the polar opposite of shades of yellow.

Lavender shades impart restful, inspiration and serene feelings the color implies the refined things of life, creative, witty and civilized.

Manufacturer:  Clay Art Center 


  • Size: 2 oz squeeze bottle
  • Lead free and food safe!
  • Glass Compatibility: Float glass, COE 90 & COE 96 fusible glass.
  • Best Results: Tack fuse individual layers of glass before stacking for a full fuse. 
  • Kiln Fire: Best when glass is fired to 1500 degrees (may be fired at higher or lower temperatures).
  • Uses: Fine Pen Lining, Paint Shading, Spray Painting or even mix with glass frit to create custom colors!
  • Applications: Between multiple layers of glass, on the surface dimensional in thicker layers or spray painted on to glass by mixing with water.
  • Glassline Pens Care:  Store with the caps firmly in place and at room temperature. (Note: If Glassline Paint Pens were frozen or exposed to high temperature, try mixing well before use or you may need to add some water to ensure proper consistency.)

Impart inspiration into your fused glass using Lavender Glassline Fusing Paint Pen GA21