Glass Tool: Pliers Breaker Glass Pro

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Glass Tool: Pliers Breaker Glass Pro (41613)

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Glass Tool: Pliers Breaker by Glass Pro

Glass Pro Breaker Pliers, are often called Glass Nippers. Use the flat jaw  surfaces on each side they for general snapping on a score line or heavy glass breaking.

They are also help to manually break small or difficult pieces of glass left hanging from your score line or can be used to hold glass stable while using a Glass Pro Grozer on another edge to clean off sharp edges.

Technically they are pliers but have a flat edge on bow jaws versus normal pliers that have serrated teeth on both jaws. Glaziers use then to control or gently break glass on a scored glass surface.

Dimension: 6 inch over all length
Plastic coated handles for a comfortable and secure grip. Breakers have two flat jaw edges.

Manufacturer:  Glass Pro has been around the stained glass industry for at least 40 years.

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