Glass Tool - Leponitt G30C Glass Mosaic Cutter-Nipper

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Leponitt G30C Glass Mosaic Cutter-Nipper (41628)

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Glass Tool - Leponitt G30C Glass Mosaic Cutter-Nipper

The Leponitt brand is considered top quality, the Cadillac Mosaic Glass Cutter so do be fooled by any other brand. The Leponitt cutter quality will save your hands from abuse over one purchased from a hardware store or made in china. This style of glass cutters is also sometimes called a Tile Nipper or Glass Nipper. It is the most important tool for working with glass to make mosaic pieces or to cut glass mosaic tiles. All thought they are commonly called Nippers, the blades are shaped like small wheels and the edges of these wheels are more tapered than the jaw of a tile nipper.

- Mosaic Nippers work with glass thicknesses 3mm to about 25mm. 

- They are not suitable to nip thin glass or thin dichroic glass or it will shatter.

- The carbide wheel-shaped blades stay sharp and effective for long term use and can easily be replaced when needed.

Note: Do not mistake Tile Nippers for Glass as the Tile cutters will tend to crush and splinter glass tile because they are made for ceramic tiles. 

Because the Leponitt Mosaic Glass Cutter allows the artist to make cleaner and more precise cuts, you will save your hands and have less waste which can save a lot of money in the long run. 

Nippers for Glass are the most precise tool for Glass Mosaics so get started today!