Glass Tool: Glass Holder - Pickup - Gripper Stainless Steel

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Glass Tool - Measurements of Glass Holder Pickup Gripper Stainless Steel

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Glass Tool - Glass Holder Pickup Gripper Stainless Steel

This Glass Tool with extending prongs can be used as a glass Holder or to pick up small pieces. To Grip, just push-in the plunge to extend the prongs and position them to wrap around small piece of glass, then release the plunger to grab on. Cleaning up your work space or even you grid surfaces will be so much easier now. No more worries about getting glass slivers in your fingers with this tool around to handle sharp shards of glass!

Besides cleanup, if you need to position pieces of glass, beads or jewels to glue in place, this is the perfect tool for the job to allow precise positioning of each element!

1. Release plunger and prongs to grab glass, beads, jewels, small screw and other small work pieces.
2. It is great for picking up and placing small stones easily.
3. Made of quality stainless steel, solid and durable to use.
4. Great for glass, beading, watch and eyeglass repair.
5. Easy to handle, texturized finger grip for easy hold.

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Size: Approx. 11cm / 4.3in(Long), 6cm / 2.4in(Short) (optional)
Weight: Approx. 13-28g / 0.46-0.99oz