Glass Tool - Glass Grinder Coolant Novacan

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Product information

Glass Tool - Glass Grinder Coolant Novacan

Need to restock your Novacan grinder coolant? Our Free Ship section allows you make a single purchase of this water-soluble solutions.  You can't go wrong with the Novacan Grinder coolant as it reduces friction when mixed with water in your grinder or band saw and this will help extend the life of your diamond treated grinder bits and blades up to almost 50%.  

Just add 4 capfuls to your reservoir each time you change the water.

Fluid: 8 ounces  (237 ml) LOW ODER.

•Formulated for grinding stained, mosaic or fusible glass
•Lubricates better than synthetic oils
•Extends grinder head and blade life
•Cleans up easily with dish washing soap. 
•Non Toxic makes it great for Schools!
•Purple color

The Novacan glass grinder lubricant was developed especially for glass diamond bit grinder heads and band saw blades.  There are no known hazardous ingredients. 

Novacan Industries LTD MSDS