Glass Tool - Glass Engraving Diamond Drill Rotary Bit Set of 20

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Glass Tool - Glass Engraving Diamond Drill Bit - Rotary Bit Set of 20 Tip styles! (For 1/8 inch Shank)

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Glass Tool Glass Engraving Diamond Drill Bit Rotary Bit Set of 20

1/8 inch shank, this variety gives you options to use the diamond drill bits with a Dremel or a standard portable drill to drill holes in glass quickly!
Includes: 5 cylindrical shapes, 2 ball nose, 4 cone shape square nose, 4 cone shape pointed end, 3 ball shaped, 1 tree shaped, and 1 flared shape.

The bit design brings more diamonds in contact with your glass. If you want a variety of bit sizes this set is a great all around for your fused glass studio.  Remove a burrs and round edges, smooth holes or drilling.  

Long lasting electroplated diamond hand pads are made of quality diamonds and adhesives to ensure consistent wear. Can be used on materials such as quartz, glass, ceramics, composites and carbides. Unique diamond patterns so that they remain sharper longer. 

  • 20 Piece Set.
  • 1 3/4" overall length.
  • Maximum RPM: 35,000
  • Fit standard Dremel drills.
  • Recommended use as wet.
  • Three layers of diamonds are nickel bonded to a heavy-duty alloy steel frame.


  • Working with drill bits requires great caution primary when starting the initial hold.
  • As with most grinding and polishing operations, drill in an out allowing water to fill the hole and is best not done as one continuous drilling attempt.
  • Regardless of the diamond bit you're are using, be very cautious if you're working close to electrical areas so you don't get shocked.
  • The drill bits will quickly scratch shiny surfaces.

Now you can make openings in your glass for pendants, to create clocks and more (See our Free Tips on How to drill Glass)

This Glass Tool for Engraving with a Diamond Drill Bit Rotary Bit is easy when selecting from a Set of 20!