Glass Slumping Mold - Round Ruffle Bowl Small

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Glass Slumping Mold - Round Ruffle Bowl Small

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Glass Slumping Mold - Round Ruffle Bowl Small 

For a Small Slumping Mold you can give your fused glass bowl a lot of personality with this mold's ruffled edge.

Fusing Mold: Round Small Ruffle Bowl
Diameter: 4.75 inches (120.65 mm)
Depth:  3/4 inch (19.04 mm)

Ceramic Mold for Glass Slumping are easy to use and good for countless firings. Pre-drilled but you should always elevate molds for proper air circulation. Smooth surface, accepts kiln wash uniformly, and will not crack under repeated usage when handled properly. Individual molds may have slight variations in dimensions as shown.

We suggest using Primo Primer #41515 and applying with a Haik Brush # 41601
Due to the Ruffle design, we recommend extra cleaning with a mold brush and then extra layers of primer to provide better glass separation.

We suggest using Ceramic Mold Cleaning Brush #41600 to remove spent primer