Glass Slumping Mold - Rimmed Heart Bowl 6.5"

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Product information

Glass Slumping Mold - Rimmed Heart Bowl 6.5" 

At 6 1/2 in diameter, this Heart Bowl fusing mold with a rim is a great size bowl that will have multiple uses! A glass heart dish is perfect for anyone as a gift and perfect for everyday use to have on display.  Endless ways to design and customize. The key to designing fused glass with a slumping mold is to insure that you have double thickness in your glass and around the edges it should be thicker than the center.  Then when you slump, the thicker edges will hold their shape and as the center and sides will have enough thickness to stretch to the bottom of the mold.  In many way it is like slumping a drop ring.  Always have a slow slumping schedule to control the stretch and to allow air to escape from under the glass.

Fusing Mold: Heart Bowl, Flared Sides
Diameter: 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)
Lip: 3/4 inch (1.9 cm)
Depth:  2 inch (5.08 cm)

Glass Fusing Tips:
- Always elevate slumping molds for proper air circulation when slumping your glass to allow for an even heat distribution on all sides and bottom.

- Make sure the surface of the mold is smooth and accepts kiln wash uniformly to insure a more successful slump.