Glass Slumping Mold - Mini Fluted Plate 6 inch

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Glass Slumping Mold - Mini Fluted Plate 6 inch, SKU 412GF-843

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Glass Slumping Mold - Mini Fluted Plate 6 inch

The Flued Plate is the perfect addition to the dinner table for desert or to hold rolls, butter or condiments, especially if you have plain rimmed salad or dinner plates.  All though typically you think fluted refers only  to some desert, the slight flute simply add interested to your slumped fused glass circle.  In fact, using a decorated glass accessory component only on the fluted edge may be all you need to accent your plate design.

Fusing Mold: For Slumping, Round, Fluted Edge Plate or shallow Bowl
Diameter: 6 inches (15.24 cm)
Depth:  3/4 inch (19.04 mm) Fluted Edge

This is a Ceramic Mold for Glass Slumping making them great for countless firings. Pre-drilled but you should always elevate molds for proper air circulation. Smooth surface, accepts kiln wash uniformly, and will not crack under repeated usage when handled properly. Individual molds may have slight variations in dimensions as shown.

Set the dinner table with this Glass Slumping Mold to create a Mini Fluted Plate. Go Fusing today!