Fusing Adhesive Glass Glue: No Days Liquid

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Fusing Adhesive - Glass Glue No Days Liquid , NDLF-004

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4 oz Fusing Adhesive Glass Glue: No Days Liquid

Secure your glass frit glass beads, or any  accessory glass component into a fused glass design or pattern.  Drip or one dot at a time the adhesive use the needle like applicator to place adhesive exactly where desired. Best of all, the Liquid Adhesive burns off clean in the kiln leaving no residue behind.   There is plenty of working time to reposition your glass.  You can dry quickly in a low temp oven if you want to complete multiple projects and move them later. Once you try this product you will make sure to have more in your studio as an adhesive staple!


  • Size: 4 oz bottle
  • Manufacture: Stutterer Technologies Inc., NDLF-004
  • Use: Kiln Firing or Microwave Kiln
  • Firing: Tack Fuse to Full Fuse
  • Glass Grains: Fine frit is best but will work with medium grain too.
  • Bonding: Allows you re-work frit patterns for 30 to 180 minutes by adding a few more drops.
  • Application: Ultra Fine Tip included for precision placement
  • Non-toxic
  • Ultra Fine Tip Included

No Days is great for Fine Line Detail Work using the Ultra Fine Tip!