Fused Glass Decal Polka Dots Hi Fire Gold

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Fused Glass Decal Polka Dots Hi Fire Gold

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Fused Glass Decal Polka Dots Hi Fire Gold

Gold Polka Dots in gold are a great decorative accent or base when creating a fused glass Pendant.  They add a bit of elegance to your glass gifts. Polka dots make you think of a fun-loving, spontaneous, person and instill the feeling of a very outgoing look on life. Polka does make you happy looking at them!!

  • Best use: Surface-fired decal, not recommended to be capped with glass.

  • Dimensions: 16 Polka Dots each are 3/4 inch diameter (19 mm)

  • Hi Fire: Gold 

  • Kiln Fired Compatibility: Decal is a Waterslide for Glass or Ceramics

  • Best Practice: Fire and form glass, then tack or slump fuse decal.

  • COE Compatibility: Can be used on any COE glass including Float Glass

  • Kiln fired Temperature: from 1,250 to 1,325 F degrees. (Tack or Slump Fuse)

Go Fusing today with our Gold Polka Dot Glass Decal!