Fused Glass Decal Clock Face Roman Black Numeral Waterslide Ceramic

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Product information

Fused Glass Decal Clock Face Roman Numeral Black Waterslide Ceramic

  • Color: Black
  • Font Style:  Roman Numeral
  • Dimension: Each Number is approximately 1/2" in diameter
  • Overall Decal Diameter is 5 1/2 inches (Precut each number to use on larger clock design)
  • Kiln Fire Temperature: 1,200 to 1,440 °F, 648 to 782 °C
  • Use: Fused Glass - Ceramic or as a Crafting decoupage 

This clock face is PERFECT and allows you to work on the decorative portion of the clock.  Use of minute dots are optional or can be individually positioned.
Turn any ceramic plate or fusible glass circle into a clock!  

Best Use: Tack Fused Surface Decal as a kiln fired glass decal

This Hi-Fire black enamel fusible glass decal has a versatile kiln cure range of: 1200 to 1440 degrees Fahrenheit. Kiln fired decals can take your glass jewelry making to a new and elegant level of beauty with unlimited design possibilities by combining fusible glass decals!

A Go Fusing decal can be kiln fired on glass or ceramics!