Fish Seahorse Tropical Waterslide Decal

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Fish and Sea horses, this tropical waterslide decal is one you will love!

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Fish Seahorse Tropical Waterslide Decal

These tropical Fish & Sea horses are swimming underwater with a rope like boarder in a round coaster size waterslide decal.  The sealife is abundant in each design with a water like swirling background.

Qty 4 Round Coaster Size.  1 of each design.

Use: Best used as a surface decal, kiln fired to a tack fuse on a light or white background to make the colors more vivid
Perfect for making Fusible Glass Coasters or selectively cut each fish  and turn them into fusible glass jewelry.  Can be use for fused glass or ceramics.  Could also be used for crafting projects if sealed with a permanet coating.

Size: Dimension: (3 1/2 inch diameter and smallest 1 inch in diameter)

(Not recommeded for capping with glass or the color may fade.)

LOW to Hi Fire: Can be kiln fired from 1,325 to 1,445 F degrees. (Lower temperature may preserve color clarity.)