Fat Cats waterslide decal fused glass ceramics

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Product information

Fat Cats waterslide decal fused glass ceramics

6 Unique Fat Cat Decals: This fusible water slide decal is for glass or ceramics. Each strip has a unique themed border and a fat cat with attitude! 

This larger size is perfect for making Fusible Glass Coasters, Bowls, Plates, and more!  They will instantly add vivid color and humor to any artwork.

Size: Dimension: (3 1/2 inch H x 8 1/2 inch W)

Use: Best used as a surface-fired decal, not capped with glass or the color may fade. Fire to a tack fuse and on a white or light surface to achieve the best results.

LOW to Hi Fire: Best kiln fired at lower temperatures or as a tack fuse max 1325 F degrees. Lower temperatures will preserve color clarity.