Earring Post sets Hypoallergenic Titanium

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Hypoallergenic earring posts with clutches in Titanium 10 pairs

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Earring Post sets Hypoallergenic Titanium Package includes 10 pairs with clutch backs!

If you have an allergy (hypoallergenic) to metals, one of the most common suggested solutions has been to wear Titanium Posts.

Dimensions:  0.76 x 9.5mm with a 10mm, nickel-free flat-pad earring posts.  11.5mm long raw titanium post (steel color, not anodized bright) with 0.73mm (21 gauge) diameter. Surgical stainless steel pad, 0.24mm thick. 

Thes post and earring backs are nickle-free and cadmium free.  The flat-pad earring post components are AAA construction.  They are steel color and not an anodized bright.  The longer bullet end makes them more comfortable to wear.   For customer with nickel allergies or use in Europe where it is required to have a non-nickel finding.

Each post comes with a Butterfly nut with scalloped edge. Nickel free.

Quantity: 10 sets (20 individual earring posts) per package

Glue on Earring Bail: Clean with Alcohol first and then simply glue on your fused glass cabachon using our E6000 glue or Triolyse adhesive.