Dragonfly Set Fused Glass Decal

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Dragonfly Set Fused Glass Decal

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Dragonfly Set Fused Glass Decal

This Dragonfly decal can be used on kiln fired glass or Ceramics. As in life each dragfly has an almost irridescent appearance to its wings and body, giving off different color shades.

There is an almost eternal reverance for the dranfly through out the decades. Many people say if you see a dragonfly it is time to slow down. Of if you chase it away then you are chasing good luck out of your life. The dragonfly has come to symbolize change or a transformation. It could be a mental and emotional change for a deeper understanding of life.

Dimensions: Each is  1 1/4 inch W x 1 inch L

 Each Kiln Fired Decal is a Waterslide Glass or Ceramic Decal. Best used as surface fired decals. Do not cap with glass or the color may fade.

The Dragonfly as Fused Glass Decal means you can wear it as a pendant and carry it with you.