Dragonfly Frit Cast Mold

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Dragonfly Frit Cast Mold, SKU 412GF-7003

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Dragonfly Frit Cast Mold

This Japanese Maple Leaf is a Warm Glass frit cast mold. The glass shape and texture can represent more than one plant that includes a Hibiscus and Mary Jane.  So choosing between red or green tones of glass can determine the interpretation or identification of the glass leaf. Each leaf blade has texture within the fronds for the veins. Try adding a dusting of opal powder frit first to accent the details. When filling the mold with glass frit or scrap glass, consider how much clear or transparent to mix in or if adding a layer of an opal glass to the top layer to make the transparent added first to produce more color intensity and depth.

The difference between the plant leaves you create:

- Red Leaf flowers in the spring and Green in the fall
- Red Leaf is a tree versus Green is an herbaceous weed.
- Red does not smell versus Green has a pungent odor.
- Red can make you the envy of the neighborhood versus the green could get you arrested.

  • Dimensions: 3 1/8" Long x 2 3/8" Width x 7/8" Deep (76.20 mm L x 63.5 mm W x 25mm D)
  • Inside mold dimensions:   2.5 W" x 2.5" H
  • Frit Required to fill Mold: .6 ounces (17 Grams)

TIP: Mold should always be elevated on kiln posts for proper air circulation.

Creative Glass Dragonfly in this Frit Cast Mold!