Copper Foil Sheet Self Adhesive VentureTape 12 inch

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Product information

Copper Foil Sheet Self Adhesive VentureTape 12-inch square 

Copper foil was originally designed for Stained Glass, it is perfect for fused glass as an inclusion. Because it is a foil and adhesive on the backside, you can cut out the most intricate designs by hand or your favorite electronic cutter, like a Silhouette machine. At a 1.25 mm thick foil it is a Craft Copper Metal that won't add weight to your fusible design, between fused glass layers. Because it is a soft copper sheet, it makes it pliable and can be incised, draped, and pleated for use as overlays and embossed designs.

Copper Sheet:  .125 mm thick
Dimensions: 12 x 12-inch square (30.5 cm square)
Use: Emboss using a stylus or cut with standard scissors

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