Coloritz™ Confetti Glass Shards Gold Pink Transparent COE96

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Confetti Glass Shards Gold Pink Transparent COE96, SKU 96907-CG

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Coloritz™ Confetti Glass Shards Gold Pink Transparent COE96.

CN-100-96 Uroboros Confetti Replacement: Is Our Own Go Fusing's 96907 Confetti Brand from A Sanborn Corporation!  Gold Pink has been difficult to reproduce due to the rare earth minerals needed and a lack of availability.

Try our fusible, transparent, Gold Pink in COE96. It allows light to shine thru and you can mix and layer it with other colors to create your own colors for your fusing projects. Confetti Glass is made of paper-thin shards of glass in random shapes.  Fuse them in a single layer or with slight overlaps over other glasses for shading or to create special effects in your glass.


  • 1oz. (28.35 gram) box
  • Manufacturer: A Sanborn Corporation
  • Gold Pink transparent glass confetti
  • MPN SKU 96907 = Uroboros CN-100-96

Try Go Fusing's Gold Pink transparent Confetti Glass today!