Coloritz™ - Uroboros Confetti Glass Shards Mardi Gras Color Mix COE96

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Product information

COE96 Confetti Glass are thin shards of blown glass used in fused art or decorative glass projects.

Our Mardi Gras COE96 fusible Coloritz™ and Uroboros glass confetti is mix of transparent and opalescent (i.e. they do not allow light to shine thru). The transparent shards allow you can mix it with other colors to create your own transparent color for your fusing projects. This Mardi Gras COE96 Confetti Glass is made of paper-thin shards of glass in random shapes.  

We do our best to provide you a true Mardi Gras Mix of colors in COE96 fusible Uroboros glass confetti and in larger pieces but there will always be some smaller do to the fragile nature of the product.  Fuse them in a single layer or with slight over laps over other glasses for shading or to create special effects in your glass.


  • 1 oz, 28 grams
  • Manufacturer: A Sanborn Corporation and Uroboros Glass Studio LLC 
  • Mardi Gras transparent (opal) glass confetti does include some striker confetti
  • MPN: 96920-CC = CN-MGN-96

NOTE: We hand mix our Mardi Gras Mix to try and provide you with larger pieces of variety of colors versus using the traditional premixed mix from Uroboros which is typically much smaller pieces.  The Uroboros confetti is becoming rare since Uroboros is no longer in production. The mix does contain some "striker colors" which may look pale but turn to the original color during the firing process.  Example: Burgundy is a striker color. It looks like a tinted white but in reality fires to a darker burgundy color.  We not longer use the Manufacturer photo because some colors are no longer available and are providing you our own photo of the current variable colors.

Go Fusing with our Mardi Gras transparent Confetti Glass today!