Coloritz™ Confetti Glass Shards Pink Pale Opal COE96

SKU: 96922-CG1
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Coloritz™ Confetti Glass Shards Pink Pale Opal COE96 (96922-CG1)

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Coloritz™ Confetti Glass Shards COE96 Pale Pink Semi-Translucent Confetti Glass. 

NOTICE: (Very Limited Stock as we are still in production. Use the Instock Notify Button.  We are also limiting this to 1 per order until we are fully out of production.)

Do you remember the Uroboros Petal Pink Confetti Glass? This Pale Pink is that same milky, creamy, of a pale shade of pink and if you layer it, you will get deeper shade but it will still be a pastel shade of pink. The Pale Pink is a soft pink tint layer that will not compete with other shades of pink. It is great to use with any of our other Pink shades to create a collage of pink or even consider firing with our rosy lavender confetti!   

This is a semi-translucent color due to the think shards but layered will produce an opal effect.


  • Size:
    1 oz. (28.35 gram) Bag
    - 4 oz. (113.3 gram) Bag
  • Manufacturer: Coloritz™, A Sanborn Corporation
  • Color: Light Pink to Lavender 
  • MPN: 96922-CG1
  • Category:   Single Color
  • Opacity: Semi Translucent to Opal
  • Classification: COE 96 Compatible Tested

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