Coloritz™ Confetti Glass Shards Aventurine Gold Reactive COE96

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Fired Example of Gold Aventurine Confetti Glass Shards Capped and Uncapped with clear COE96  glass

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Coloritz™ COE96 Aventurine Gold Confetti Glass Shards of Reactive glass.

Gold glass shards? All that glitters is the Coloritz™ Aventurine Gold Confetti Glass!  NEVER seen before in the fusing world! (as of 11/01/21 new and improved)

We are beyond excited to offer this exciting addition to our COE96 Confetti Glass product line! The best part when using these thin shards, you can get two different shimmering looks from just one glass!  Turn boring artwork into a high end, in demand artwork!

  • This is a copper reactive glass that is easy to neutralize and remain gold. Simply cap it with clear glass to encapsulate it and Wah La! It stays Gold! Now you can add a shimmering gold accent to any fused glass design and you have added instant appeal and glam!
  • Want a glittery light green, almost a sea green, glass? Apply it to the surface of your glass and kiln fire without capping and it will automatically turn a reactive green!  No special base glass needed.
  • Look closely at our fired Examples.

    • Size: 
      1 oz. (28.35 gram) Bag
    • Manufacturer: Coloritz™, A Sanborn Corporation
    • Color: Transparent Gold
    • MPN: 96996-CC
    • Category: Single Color
    • Opacity: Translucent, Semi Opalescent
    • Classification: COE 96 Compatible Tested

Go Fusing Coloritz™ is the only way to purchase the COE96 Gold Aventurine Confetti Glass Shards!