Coloritz™ Confetti Glass Shards Lemon Yellow Semi Opal COE96

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Coloritz™ Confetti Glass Shards Lemon Yellow Opal COE96

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Product information

Coloritz™ Lemon Yellow Opal Confetti Glass is COE96 shards of blown glass used as a decorative glass accessory.

Our Bright Lemon Yellow is made of paper-thin shards of opal glass in random shapes. Create Highlights and accents, or just go crazy adding layers to a base glass and create your own transparent yellow sheet glass with shading or intense color pigmentation! 


  • Color: Base color rod match for 161SF
  • Quantity:
    - 1 oz. Bag (56.7 Grams)
    - 4 oz. Bag (113.3 Grams)
  • Manufacturer: A Sanborn Corporation
  • MPN: 96968-CG Coloritz™

Go Fusing today with COE96 Lemon Yellow  OpalConfetti Glass!