Collage Magenta Pink White Glass COE96 Fracture Streamer

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Size: 12" x 12"

Collage Magenta Pink White Glass COE96 Fracture Streamer

12" x 12"
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Closeup of Collage Magenta Pink White Glass COE96 Fracture Streamer, SKU 96907
Size: 12" x 12"

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Product information

Collage Magenta Pink and White Glass COE96 Fracture Streamer. A Specialty Sheet Glass on clear with white streamers and sprinkles of fine Opal Pink frit.

Hand Made Custom Glass under our Coloritz tm brand using Oceanside Compatible Sheet Glass 96 COE COE96 Compatible components. Inspired by Uroboros Collage Glass, this Specialty Glass has each sheet unique and art on its own.  Using Ice Clear as a base give you the opportunity to fire it over a different color base glass for your own artistic touch. The rich magenta color has a slight tint of purple and is contrasted with the stark opal white Confetti Shards and white streamers. The entire precut sheet glass is covered in a fine opal pink frit which introduces a slight texture and one more layer of interest!

Magenta Pink is located on the color wheel halfway between Red and Blue. It has a little modern and a little retro feel to the design and it holds it own but would look fabulous over a solid opal base glass.

The Color Magenta represents universal love at its highest level and it uplifts our spirits during times of unhappiness, anger or frustration. It encourages a sense of self respect and promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation. 

  • Glass Manufacture: Coloritz  using System 96® by Oceanside Compatible Sheet Glass 96 COE components
  • SKU: 96907 
  • Color: Clear base with Magenta Pink and white confetti glass shards with pink opal frit
  • Category: Specialty Glass
  • Texture: light texture
  • Opacity: Transparent
  • Classification: Handmade System 96®
  • Precut Glass Sizes:
    6 inches x 12 inches (101.6mm x 203.2mm)
    12 inches x 12 inches (304 mm x 304 mm)
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Kiln Fired: Tack Fuse
  • Made in USA