COE96 Precut Glass Snowflake Wafer Ornament Set of 6

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Product information

COE96 Precut Glass Snowflake Wafer Ornament Set of 6

Set of 6 different Snowflake designs and each will fit in a 1 1/2 inch Diameter. Each is perfect for a Christmas Ornament, used as a decoration or for Making Jewelry pendants for the Holidays. Warning, because Glass Wafers are ultra light and will not add weight to your fused glass designs, you can become addicted to them and use them on everything kiln fired. (-:  Around here, we call them as Glass Candy! Once you try them you can not get enough!

If the incredible detail of each snowflake is not enough excitement, well we amped up the glam too by adding a covering of Extra Sparkling White Mica powder over the entire front side and dusted with a clear powder frit to contain the sparkling effect!  The backside is made with White Oapal glass powder frit.

You will not need to fully fuse them just try a tack fuse or a slump fuse.  Want to change up your glass creations?  Simply cut them with scissors and to get the desired shape or design.

We are changing up the Christmas Holiday season with these 6 different snowflake shapes!

Customizing Instructions: To intensity the white opal you can increase the opacity by spraying liquid hairspray on the back and then sifting more white opal glass powder over the entire snowflake. We do not recommend the front side as this will cover all of the sparkling mica powderl.  Allow to dry before placing the back onto they glass base. 

COLORS: Are all in Opal white with a dusting of Shiney Extra Pearl White Mica Powder

Quantity: 6 Precut Glass Snowflake Shapes

Dimensions:Each will fit within a 1 1/2 inch diameter. (38 mm)

Glass Manufacturer: Spectrum Glass Frit Powders by Oceanside Compatible

White Opal glass powder frit: F1-200-96

Glass Thickness: 1mm

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(Includes Kiln Firing Schedule for Glass Wafers)

Accessory Glass Precut Shapes: Made in the USA