COE96 Precut Glass Shape Turtle Doves Christmas Wafers

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Product information

COE96 Precut Glass Shape Turtle Doves Christmas Wafers

There are three included.  Two larger fit within a 3 inch round and perfect for Christmas Ornaments! The one smaller fits within 1 1/4 inch diameter.  Accessory Glass decorative elements are an Olive leave and a Gold mica Star Burst.  The Turtle Doves are covered in a White Sparkling Mica.

After following the slow ramp up firing scheduled, consider adding more details.  You can draw or paint on a ribbon,  Reverse the 2nd wing for a different look or even cut into the wing to make it more feathered.

Two turtle doves symbolize the Old and New Testaments of the Bible which is why you see Christmas decorations with them and there two turtle doves are included in the twelves days of Christmas song/poem. Doves in general are symbols of truth and peace and also why they are tied to Christ and Christmas.

The biggest difference between a real Turtle Dove and those that are represented in Christmas decorations is the color. In Christmas Ornaments and decoration's they are white where in real life they are varying shade of gray and taupe.

At only 1mm thick and ultra light, they will not interferer with adding thickness to any fused glass design  Just make sure you follow the slow ramp up speed See Below.

Quantity: 3 Precut Glass Turtle Doves Shapes, 3 accessory items

Spectrum Glass Transparent Colors:

COE 96 White Opal Glass Powder F1-200-F
COE 96 Aventurine Green Glass Powder F1-128-F

Wafer Shape Dimensions: 
Fit in a :
 3 inch diameter

Glass Manufacturer: Spectrum Glass Frit Powders by Oceanside Glass

Glass Thickness: 1mm

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(Includes Kiln Firing Schedule for Glass Wafers)

Accessory Glass Precut Shapes: Made in the USA