COE96 Precut Glass Shape Ivy Vine Wafer Set

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Product information

COE96 Precut Glass Shape Ivy Vine Wafer Set 

This is  a set of two precut Glass Wafer Shapes of an Ivy Vine. It made using a fusible glass aventurine green powder at only 1mm thick. The vine are delicate and can easily be broken apart to create you own design or to fit specific spaces. It is 4 x 3 inches and the largest leaf is 1 inch in diameter. Use them as is or consider adding a mixture of grape colored peoples to make a grape vine! It is perfect for a floral design, wine design or any nature scenes! Sized just under 4 inches making it a great size for making coaster, Because you can easily break off a piece or trim with scissors, you can position how ever much of the vine or ivy shaped leaves desired to create your own precut glass shape.

When firing, make sure to go slow and read the blog article (below).  The wafer will fire flat and smooth but if you are adding frit you can leave them dimensional at a tack fuse.  If you decide to fire the entire design to a full fused, then we recommend adding clear power frit over the entire tree.  then any layer medium frit.  

Example: Is Fused Glass Platter using the Platter Mold and Lime Green Transparent, 60-7312-F, and two Ivy Vine Wafer Shapes.

Quantity: 2 Precut Glass Shape Ivy Vine Wafer

Spectrum Glass ColorsCOE 96 Aventurine Green Powder F1-128-AV-SF

Wafer Shape Dimensions: 
Tree Wafer:
 4 inches long (1001 mm)

Glass Manufacturer: Spectrum Glass Frit Powders by Oceanside Compatible

Glass Thickness: 1mm

Recommended ReadingWhat is a COE 96 Precut Glass Wafer?
(Includes Kiln Firing Schedule for Glass Wafers)

Accessory Glass Precut Shapes: Made in the USA