COE96 Precut 3 mm Glass Heart Shape Red Opal

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Product information

COE96 Precut 3 mm Glass Heart Shapes Red Opal

Fusible Precut Glass Shape Heart is 3 mm thick and are 1 1/4 inch (31.75 mm) in size

A Red Opal Precut Heart Shape is the fusible glass pendant. Because it is a solid Red Opal, applying a decorative glass accessory over it like Confetti glass, stringers or even Dicro Slide will make them pop with color! Making a unique fused glass heart pendant was never so easy!  There are many ways to add color to your opal precut glass shape but the most thing to remember is to not add too much additional glass volume. Too much volume can require a full fuse and this can make you loose the original precut glass shape.  Applying decorative touches and accessories that require a tack fuse schedule or a slump will retain the glass heart shape.

1 1/4 inch (31.75 mm)

Glass Manufacturer: Oceanside Glassy using Spectrum Glass Formulas
Manufacture part #: SP 250-72SF
Glass Thickness: 3mm

Precut Glass Shapes are Made in the USA

Start your glass pendant inspiration with a Precut Opal Glass Shape Heart!