COE 96 Fusible Glass Pebbles - Easter Spring Mix Transparent

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 COE96 Polka Dot Easter Spring Mix Transparent Pebbles (96920-Spring-PST)

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COE96 Polka Dot Easter Spring Mix Multi-color Transparent Pebbles

Lovely Colors in Pink, Neo Orchid, Champagne & Ming Green transparent glass. Limited Availability as the Neo Orchid and this shade of Sea Green are Original Uroboros Formulas that are no longer available!
Start your spring fling out in style with this stunning mix of fusible glass pebble colors. They make Stunning Jewelry, especially when backed with Dicro Slide on fired onto a white opal background!  These fused glass balls are sometimes called: glass nuggets, mini pebbles, glass globs or polka dots.  What ever you wish to call them, they are the perfect fused glass embellishment!

  • Colorful:  Urobium Pink, Neo Orchid, Champagne and Ming Green bright and light spring colors.
    Urobium Pink # F5-015-96
    Ming Green # RT-774-96
    Neon Orchid # RT-476-96
    Champagne # 591-1S-F
  • Size:       Approximately 1/4 inch (6-7 mm) in diameter
  • Quantity: Approximately 50 per bag
  • Manufacture:  Uroboros Glass now owned by Oceanside Compatible Sheet Glass 96 COE

Make a Creative Easter using Urobium Pink, Neo Orchid and Ming Green transparent Glass!